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How to Set up a Fitness class in the community in 2022 - simple tips - easy to follow

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

5 Simple tips to setting up your fitness business in the community

My story - I have always loved fitness whether is be dance, running, swimming or walking, I love it all.

I was yet again following a fitness video in my garage when I thought, I could teach this!

This is exactly what I did.

Tip #1 - Get qualified

Enjoy the journey of getting the right qualifications - Exercise to Music with Anatomy & Physiology are a great starting point. I used .

You can then get the right insurance and off you go.

Tip #2 - Find a venue

There are some great community village halls around, get in touch with them, find out availability and decide when to start your first class.

When I started out social media was not such a big thing but now you can really connect with your community and find out what your potential participants want.

Tip #3 - Start advertising

I spoke to other mums at the school gates, put posters up on lamp posts, posters in the post office windows, and basically got myself known. Word of mouth made my classes.

Today there are many great selling sites on Facebook, get yourself all over them.

Tip #4 - Listen to your participants

Ask questions, get feedback, keep connected. Find out how they heard of you. Find out what type of classes they would like and build up your timetable.

I started with 1 class a week and built up to 9 classes all in the same hall in the same village.

Tip #5 - Keep your classes fresh

Attend courses, meet other instructors, keep your content fresh.

As your confidence builds you could train in other types of classes such as Pilates, Zumba, Body Conditioning.

You can do this - believe in yourself and have fun doing it.

Keep connected with your community, become their go to fitness expert. Listen to their thoughts, feedback and needs. Word of mouth is powerful.

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