VIP Group w/c 16th May - 

Monday 7.30am Super mobility, balance, core & stretch

Monday 9.30am - Cardio Energy 90's Aerobics mashup

Monday 10am Body Blast DJ mashup

Tuesday 7.30am Controlled Conditioning Intervals

Tuesday 9.30am  - Fitness Pilates with ball & stretchy band

Wednesday 7.30am Fitness Pilates with the ball

Wednesday 9.30am Body Conditioning & Fitness Pilates Mash Up - grab your weights & mat

Thursday 7.30am Resist Cardio - a super challenging class - grab your weights 

Thursday 9.30am Fitness Pilates Intervals Triple Challenge with weights & Activation band

Friday 7.30am Ab blast with ball

Friday 9.30am Fitness Pilates - Mind Body Matrix plus floor work and super stretch with stretchy band



Still 2 more classes in this block - Thursday 19th & 26th May 

See you at The Hub 7.45pm for some fabulous calorie burning fun dancing.