Weekly Newsletter

Hi all,

Another amazing week of classes, I hope you feel fabulous!



Still time to jump on this offer, final day today!

I have extended my amazing offer of your first 30 days FREE - join before January 14th and get your first 30 days free to try out the 100's of saved classes or join me live!

Check out www.beckysfitness.online under Plans & Pricing.


Zumba 7.45pm at The Hub 

This week's class whizzed by!  Another 4 weeks left for this block.


Online classes week commencing 17th January 2022 - 

Monday 9.30am Aerobics 'n' tone - 45 minutes - a super mixture of cardio & toning

Tuesday 9.30am  - Fitness Pilates with all the equipment - 45 minutes

Wednesday 9.30am  Body conditioning with activation band, ball & weights 

Thursday 9.30am 5,4,3,2,1 as requested - always a great class

Thursday 9.55am - Fitness Pilates with spiky ball & stretchy band - 35 minutes

Friday 9.30am Fitness Pilates all the equipment - 45 minutes

Payment for classes:

If you want to join the online VIP Page after your trial it is £20 per month, you can join directly through the website www.beckysfitness.online  Join before January 14th to get your first 30 days free. 

NEW payment - join for a year and save £40 - and get 14 days free

If you fancy either the Midsection Meltdown or beginner's Fitness Pilates course these can be accessed directly through the website.

Hall classes -  £33 for January block booking of 6 weeks - Payment via bank transfer to Rebecca Feaviour Cooperative Bank, account number 13017022, sort code 089300.


As always any questions let me know

Becky x