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Weekly Newsletter

Hi all,

I hope you are all well.

As the school holidays begin, what are your plans?  In the olden days when we did hall classes we used to stop for the summer but with the fabulous online we just keep on going!!


Online Timetable w/c 22nd July 2024 - See you Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday live - I will pop up a post the nights before the decide


Available from 6am - Aerobics, body conditioning & Fitness Pilates - 45 minutes


Available from 6am - Fitness Pilates with ball & weights - 30 minutes

Live 9am - Mashup


Available from 6am - Body Conditioning with ball & weights - 45 minutes

Live 9am - Mashup


Available from 6am - Fitness Pilates equipment free - 30 minutes


Available from 6am - Legs, bums & tums - 25 minutes

Live 9am - Fitness Pilates


Payment details.

VIP group - please set up a standing order for £20 a month (special £10 a month for Grove Medical Staff)

Mrs R Feaviour, Co-operative Bank 13017022, sort code 089300.

Drop me a message when you have set up payment.

Any questions let me know

Becky x

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