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Weekly Newsletter

Hi all,


I hope you are all enjoying some warmer weather, so great to be out and about.


Two mornings of lives this week so I have popped two classes each morning to get in as much variation as possible.

Let me know which you can do and we can decide the time and length to suit.


Online Timetable w/c 15th April 2024 


Available from 6am - Body conditioning - 30 minutes


Available from 6am - Fitness Pilates with small weights Express - 15 minutes

Live - Mashup, HiiT, toning, abs & stretch 

Live - Fitness Pilates Equipment free 


Available from 6am - All in 20 HiiT/LiiT - 25 minutes

Live - 5,4,3,2,1

Live - Fitness Pilates mobility, core & stretch


Available from 6am - Cardio Resist Triple Challenge - 25 minutes


Available from 6am - LiiT 20:20 with weights - 15 minutes 


Fitness Pilates Equipment free intervals - 45 minutes


Payment details.

VIP group - please set up a standing order for £20 a month (special £10 a month for Grove Medical Staff)
Mrs R Feaviour, Co-operative Bank 13017022, sort code 089300.
Drop me a message when you have set up payment.

Any questions let me know


Becky x

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