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Weekly Newsletter

Hi all,

Wow, it was absolutely amazing to see some of you last week at DanceFit, just like the good old days 


Thinking about joining my VIP Group?

Special Offer - sign up before Christmas and pay nothing until January - by then I will have you hooked .


DanceFit  - Wednesday 7pm final class for this block


Apologies, one more week of working 8am until 7pm on a Friday then FP will be back!


Online Timetable w/c 4th December


Available from 6am - HiiT/LiiT 90:60:30 - 25 minutes


Available from 6am - Fitness Pilates Express with the ball - 15 minutes

9.30am Live - Aerobics 'n' tone 45 minutes

Available from 6am - LiiT 40:40:20 - 15 minutes

9.30am Live - Fitness Pilates with all the equipment - 45 minutes

DanceFit 7pm - Rampton Village Hall or join online

Available from 6am - Fitness Pilates Equipment Free standing - 30 minutes

9.30am Live - 5,4,3,2,1 plus extra abs & stretch

Available from 6am - Mega LiiT - 30 minutes


Payment details.
VIP group - please set up a standing order for £20 a month (special £10 a month for Grove Medical Staff)
Short courses - DanceFit please pay by bank transfer.
Mrs R Feaviour, Co-operative Bank 13017022, sort code 089300.
Drop me a message when you have set up payment.

Any questions let me know

Becky x

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