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Prime - Prime is a holistic programme aimed at midlife women who want to feel healthy, happy and vibrant

Prime is a holistic programme aimed at midlife women who want to feel healthy, happy and vibrant.

I would like to use this space to give you information, tips, good habits, talks about hormones, sleep and other symptoms associated with the menopause.

We are all in this together to let's talk!

Menopause Part 1 Symptoms

There are many symptoms for the Menopause and every woman has a different combination of symptoms to varying degrees. These can include anxiety, night sweats, fatigue and joint pain but for some, it may be trouble sleeping, hot flushes, headaches, tender breasts, mood swings, weight gain, dry skin or difficulty concentrating for others.

1. Hot Flushes
2. Night Sweats
3. Loss of Libido
4. Vaginal Dryness
5. Irregular Periods

6. Anxiety
7. Irritability
8. Panic Disorders
9. Difficulty Concentrating
10. Mood Swings
11. Foggy Brain
12. Depression

13. Fatigue
14. Hair Loss
15. Sleep Problems
16. Dizziness
17. Weight Gain
18. Bloating
19. Allergies
20. Brittle Nails
21. Osteoporosis
22. Irregular Heartbeat
23. Changes in Body Odour
24. Bladder Problems

25. Breast Pain
26. Headaches
27. Joint Pain
28. Burning Mouth
29. Electric Shock
30. Nausea and Digestive Problems
31. Dental Problems
32. Muscle Tension
33. Dry and Itchy Skin
34. Tingling Extremities


5 Tips For Weight Loss During Menopause

5 Tips For Weight Loss During Menopause

Please sign up here for your FREE 14 day Menopause Midsection Meltdown Challenge Sign up for my FREE menopause midsection meltdown challenge. Weight gain during menopause, unexplained midsection weight gain during menopause can have a massive effect on your self confidence and overall health. What used to work with your diet and nutrition no longer seems to work. There are some many hormonal changes going on during the menopause phase plus 34 associated menopausal symptoms it can be a minefield knowing where to start with your nutrition. I take you through 5 basic nutrition steps to help you with a healthy weightloss programme and if you would like a Menopause meal plan to follow leave a comment and your email address and we will send one over to you to help. If you are struggling with overwhelm and stress don't try and change everything all in one go and add more stress onto your plate just focus on changing one or 2 things a week. If getting to a class or the gym is too time-consuming then workout at home. More and more busy women are setting up a workout space at home and doing 20 minutes with an app or youtube this saves on commuting, driving, parking, booking into classes that can takes a lot of time and energy. if you subscribe to this channel I have hundreds of home workouts for all abilities. Sign up for my FREE menopause midsection meltdown challenge. Add your email to my Women’s Weightloss and Wellness newsletter. Do You Teach Group Exercise? Add your email here and get 15% off my courses. Want more information on Building Your Business? or leave me a comment here I LOVE to hear from you :-) I am an international fitness presenter bringing you daily workouts, lifestyle tips, health and wellness info and updates plus business and entrepreneurship ideas. •Catch up with my vlogs and see them FIRST by hitting SUBSCRIBE! •For more fitness motivation follow me on Instagram @rachellholmes or join me LIVE on Facebook every morning for motivation and workouts
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