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What is the Kick Start Fat loss juice programme?

This 7 day plan is included in the VIP group membership!  so what are you waiting for, head over to the Plans & Pricing and sign up for just £20 a month.


Over the 7 days you get a meal plan for each day including juicing, soups & meals.  Combine this will the fabulous classes and hey presto you feel amazing!

So why juice?

We should not just be eating fruit and vegetables for their fibre but also for the myriad of vitamins and minerals and enzymes - the catalysts that make every chemical reaction in your body happen – and just like the chemistry experiments at school the reactions can have positive effects – health, vibrancy and wellness or they could be not so FABulous with sickness, tiredness and depression.
So if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then juicing just may be the ultimate health solution for your soul.

The nutrients contained in raw, live juice are extremely easy for the body to digest, extract the
nutrients and dispose of any waste. As I said the ultimate fast food and you can feel the benefits within 15 minutes of drinking and chewing your fresh juice.
Your body is your statement of your health account and any disease of the body will manifest itself without any warning signs. Just like your financial bank account you need to put deposits in or you will become overdrawn. The same is true of your health account too and for optimum health and to be free of disease, you need daily deposits in terms of good quality nutrition.

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