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As a  qualified fitness instructor since 2007 and with a passion for fitness, helping others and getting results, I am the person to help you.  Get fit, have fun!  This has always been my motto.  If you want to improve your core strength, flexibility, strength, cardio or just to feel great both physically & mentally then come and join my on-line classes.   Contact me today and get started!

Live classes held daily via my Facebook VIP Group - drop me a message if you fancy joining!

All classes are saved onto the Website so you can access them at anytime

Either join in live on Facebook or just access the classes via the website - or both - the choice is yours.

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The cost?  £20 a month for UNLIMITED ACCESS 

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Do you fancy a quick boost to get you back on track?

If your answer is YES then why not join my Kick Start Mid-section Meltdown

JUST £15 for the week.

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8 x 30 minute classes all for just £15


Marie Hills - "Clara loves a dance with the Zumba bumba lady, as she affectionately calls you.
Your classes have helped me ‘switch off’ after a long day in work and/or remote schooling 😊 xx"

Caroline Goodchild -  "Love the routine of a 9.30am class each day. Miss it at the weekend. You've been amazing Becky keeping us all going and setting this all up. Plus all the emails and polls etc making sure you keep everyone happy. Well done and thank you. Xx"

Jill Wilsher - "Wow! What a difference a few weeks makes. You’ve achieved so much in such a short time and worked so hard to bring it all together. Well done and a very big clap to you. Not sure I remember what it was like before now!! See you next week. Xx"

Lindsay - "Took the laptop into the garden this morning for a couple of HiiT workouts. According to the husband “Joe Wicks is a walk in the park compared to this.....does she ever stop moving??!!!” 🤣💪🏻 (impressive photography skills by the 3 year old👌🏻)"